What is Bowenwork?

The practitioner performs small measured gentle rolling moves on skin at precise locations on muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. The gentle rolling pressure stimulates the sensory nerve endings and signals automatic nervous system (ANS) to initiate healing response on structural, hormonal and energetic levels.

The body's integrated response to Bowen moves:

Who can have Bowenwork?

Bowenwork is very gentle, completely safe and appropriate for every one from newborn, pregnant women, elderly and chronically ill to highly trained athletes.

What can I expect during a Bowen session?

A session involves one or more procedures, each consisting of a sequence of moves and pauses. Pauses at certain times are necessary to allow the ANS to begin the healing process.

How many sessions will I need?

3-8 sessions are usually required for work related or sports related injuries. Additional sessions may be required for chronic or more complex ailments.

The following chart provides a break down of the average number of sessions required per ailment. Please note that recovery times differ from person to person.

Recovery times by ailment

Source: Amy Norman, 1998. University of North Carolina, Department of Physical Education Exercise and Sports Science

What can I expect after a Bowen session?

Some changes are felt or noticeable right away.

One may notice changes in the next several days as healing process continues to take place that began on the day of session. It continues to work for 5 to 10 days. That is why the sessions are spaced 5 days or a week apart for optimum results.

Other important information

The practitioner may assign simple and gentle daily exercise to be done the day after the session to continue the healing process and improve the results.

Proper hydration of the body is recommended to flush out the toxins released during the healing process. Walking for 10 seconds every half an hour the day after the session is suggested to keep the body aligned and energy flowing.

Chiropractic services, physical therapy and massage are not recommended at least 5 days before and after the session as it may negate the Bowenwork and make it ineffective.

Strong external stimulation such as an injury or extreme temperatures like heating pads or ice packs is to be avoided. This can interrupt the healing process. Healing takes place when body is relaxed and at rest and not when it is traumatized or exposed to stressful situations. Give body time to heal as the body continues to heal after the session.

Sit on the sit bones and thighs not on the tail bone. Always stay grounded on both feet taking even weight on both feet when sitting, standing or getting out of bed.