Surrinder K. Arora

I am a Certified Bowenwork Practitioner through Bowenwork Academy USA. Just as important, I have received Bowen therapy to overcome numerous ailments, including frozen shoulder and headaches. In fact, Bowen worked so well on me that I decided to learn the technique in order to share with others!

Read about my story - "BOWENWORK: The Pain Relief Therapy that Changed my Life" - in Body, Mind, and Spirit (September 2011). Also check out some unexpected benefits in a follow-up article. - in Body, Mind, and Spirit (March 2012).

I am a Reiki Master. Reiki is a universal life force that heals the body on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. See my services offering for more details.

Related Education and Experience

I have worked in the health care industry for more than twenty-five years and retain advanced education qualifications:

I have taught Human Anatomy and Physiology, a necessary requirement of Bowenwork Certification, at the collegiate level. In addition, I have extensive experience in hospital clinical laboratories and retain a deep understanding about how the body functions and operates in normal and underperforming states.


"For about the last eight years my lowerback has gone out of alignment about four times per year. This would happen with no explanation and I would be in a great deal of pain and bedridden for up to f our days. When I heard of Bowenwork I was skeptical that it could help me with this problem but figured I had nothing to lose. After only two treatments the problem is completely gone. I never throw my back out anymore at all. These are far better results than I have ever had from chiropractic adjustments.I am pretty amazed that such gentle touch can bring such profound results."

- Tim M.

I was receiving bowen therapy on a weekly basis for about 6 weeks. I witnessed vast improvements in my well-being. Work on my left shoulder and neck, knees and hands enabled me to have less laboring body movement. Surrinder has worked hard to achieve success in this unique type of therapy. I was able to play Wally ball twice a week after her treatment while missing one and a half years of inactivity. Presently... I'm in maintenance mode. See the difference.

- Hal B.

I have been having severe pollen allergies and indigestion for some time and recently also developed fatigue and mild low back pain. I have known Surrinder for the past 4 years and during a recent conversation she told me about her practice of Bowen therapy and advised me to try a few sessions. Despite practicing allopathic medicine, I do respect and acknowledge alternative therapies, yet this felt very far-fetched and so I was slightly skeptical. Yet, Surrinder was persistent, so I agreed to give it a try.

I remember immediately after the very first session, I began to feel better. She had worked very gently on various parts of my body, helping realign my internal energy flow. My breathing was better and I slept a very refreshing sleep that night. I was more enthusiastic for my forthcoming appointments with her. Each session brought with it better results and by the fourth one, my allergies were much more in control and I felt renewed energy. Above all, my indigestion improved considerably and I began to feel very comfortable; these results have lingered on till today (more than 2 weeks later). As I had to move to a different state, I could not make it for any more appointments, but I am firmly convinced that had I finished all my sessions, I would have been completely cured on my problems!!

- Shvetank A., MD